Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year, Happy Anniversary

Happy New Year! It seems like 2011 arrived out of nowhere, and then it was gone lickety-split!
It’s even harder to believe that this issue of Willamette Valley Life marks our second anniversary. It’s been quite the adventure and we have really enjoyed bringing all of the wonderful places and personalities to you via this publication. The Willamette Valley is overflowing with so many great destinations to explore and interesting people to read about, I don’t think we’ll ever run out of story ideas.
The magazine continues to grow and expand into all corners of the valley. Readers can now pick up Willamette Valley Life at an increasing number of locations. To find one in your area, visit our website at
This issue is bursting at the seams with some excellent winter reading material. Writer Tami Richards came across a wonderful story about Dr. George Norek who not only teaches and practices Shodo calligraphy, but has found a way to deal with some significant health issues through the practice of his art.
Rachel Bucci wrote a great piece about “Smokin’ Mike” Buyes, a Willamette Valley bricklayer-turned-entrepreneur who took his passion for smoking seafood and turned it into a business. [Editor’s note: Sadly, at press time, we found out that Mike’s son, Cpl. Adam J. Buyes, was killed in Afghanistan. Our sincere condolences go out to the entire Buyes family.]
Winter is here and several of our readers have shared some of their favorite photos of the Willamette Valley in winters past. You can see their cool creations on page 6. We also came up with a list of Valley museums that you can escape to when cabin fever strikes during the cold winter.
Money guru Ken Gardner is back in this issue with some great ideas about what to do with your tax return dollars, and wine-meister Ryan Reichart shares his tips on getting the most out of your favorite Oregon sparkling wine.
As always, thanks for picking up Willamette Valley Life and please support our advertisers who help to bring issue after issue to you.

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