Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Cleaning

The cherry tree just outside my office window has pink blossoms on it. A little early I hear, so that isn’t particularly weird, but now, as of this morning, they have snow on them. It’s like the weather is having a little argument with itself. “It’s spring.” “No, it’s winter.” “No, it’s spring.”
Whatever it is, it seems like it’s just another weird season in the Willamette Valley.
Spring is also the time that you’re supposed to clean, organize and throw out all the stuff you don’t need anymore (who came up with that idea?). That’s my clever way (maybe not so clever) of segueing into this new issue of Willamette Valley Life. We’ve been doing a little design spring cleaning and have freshened up the look of the magazine. Nothing earth shattering, but a few changes nonetheless.
When my wife and I first moved to the Willamette Valley eight years ago, I was shocked to see so many covered bridges in the Valley. Let me restate that: I was completely shocked to see any covered bridges in the Valley. If you’re new to the area, or maybe you’ve been here forever and haven’t ventured out to discover these artifacts from another time, you need to put this on your spring and summer bucket list. Writer Loren Depping took a grand tour of them last month and came back with this issue’s feature on page 6.
Thank you for picking up Willamette Valley Life. I hope you enjoy reading what we’ve put together, and I hope you enjoy your spring!

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